Auctions and Estate Sales in Kelowna

Kelowna auction estate saleKelowna, British Columbia is known for its vacation draw, its wine and its luxury properties. There are more millionaires in Kelowna than anywhere else in Canada. The primary reason for this is its pleasant weather, as Kelowna is located within the only desert in Canada. There are a number of Kelowna luxury properties that are simply exquisite. Mansions as big as castles line the lakeshore and high hills overlooking the city. Within these luxury homes are luxury possessions, ranging from rare jewelry to large boats. When someone passes away or downsizes their property, an estate sale or an auction is held. This can be one of the most effective ways of shopping for one of a kind items on a budget. Estate sales are held in a traditional retail format while auctions can be held on site or off site of the property.

Estate sales in Kelowna are common. Whenever a person’s goods need to be sold, estate sales are the traditional format of selling. Estate sales are typically held on site at the property that housed the items. Estate sales are not about selling the house itself but rather about selling all the possessions that were contained within it. Items are displayed for potential buyers with an asking price, which is frequently negotiable. Estate sales can be modest or they can be big enough to make headlines in the media. People shopping for a bargain and people shopping for valuable items both turn out at estate sales.

An auction of a person’s items is also typically held on site at the property. Regular buyers of high value items are often told in advance when something in their niche is going to be auctioned. Items are presented one at a time for buyers to bid over and are sold to the highest bidder. Off site auctions follow the same format but rather than taking place at the property, the items for bidding are relocated to an auction house. Auctions can be an excellent way of scoring high value items for much less than what they are worth.

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