Garage Sales in Kelowna

Kelowna garage saleKelowna is a city in Canada that people discover and never leave. The lakes, mountains and vineyards prove to be too much to resist to many people who end up calling Kelowna home. People fill their Kelowna homes with hobby items that suit the recreational environment of Kelowna, and then every time they relocate or do some spring cleaning, they hold a garage sale. In the warm months of spring and summer, garage sales are a very common thing to see around Kelowna. In every neighborhood, including lower, middle and upper class parts of town, garage sales are a cultural staple of Kelowna that are widely attended events throughout the city.

In the affordable living parts of town, such as Rutland and Central Kelowna, garage sales offer common items such as clothing, books, home accouterments and basic hobby items. It is largely other people within the neighborhood who attend these garage sales. However, there are still unique gems to be found among affordable living area garage sales, especially in a place like Kelowna that is so full of various recreational opportunities.

In the middle class neighborhoods of Kelowna, such as the Mission area and Glenmore, a more diverse crowd wanders in to local garage sales. At these sales, one can begin to find specialty items that do not appear in the garage sales of more low income neighborhoods, such as telescopes, expensive camping gear and high tech kitchen gadgets. These are the most common types of garage sales in Kelowna, and the best attended.

And in the upper end parts of town, which are basically found in all of Kelowna’s highlands and lakeshore areas, garage sales offer truly one of a kind items. High end garage sales in Kelowna have unique luxury items for sale that formerly belonged to millionaires. A number of people attend these garage sales, not necessarily to buy because many of the items are out of the average person’s price range, but to window shop, or in this case, table shop.

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